Field Automated Communication Systems, LLC (FACS) is the leading provider of construction project management solutions for the AEC industry. The company specializes in leveraging the latest advances in wireless technology to provide practical, user friendly solutions for industry professionals who aim to deliver construction projects on time and within budget. Our clients include a variety of top tier public agencies, engineering firms and contractors.

With offices in San Francisco, FACS has provided construction project management solutions since 2001. The company’s flagship product, FACS Project Controller,  employs a patented synchronization technology to provide project teams with real-time collaboration tools and access to all project data whenever and wherever it is needed.

What Makes Us Different

At FACS we believe that our clients are our greatest asset. Our Client for Life philosophy means we do what it takes to establish and maintain a long-term relationship with you. We work side-by-side with you before and after your project starts to ensure your success.

Our flagship product, FACS Project Controller, offers more than any of our competitors’ products. No other construction project management solution on the market today offers the combination of:

  • A hosted, secure, Web-based service that is truly mobile (also includes a fully functional offline version)
  • Fully customizable to the business rules of your project/agency
  • A fully searchable project archive database with all project documents, communications and plans
  • Location-specific weather history for any date in time, past or present
  • Instant access to digitally hyperlinked plan sheets ensure the project team is always working from the latest plans, without delay
  • Robust payment system – automatically calculates retainage, stored materials, escalators, and more
  • Visibility to up-to-the-minute project progress and resource utilization

…all in one, centralized system.

Our core business is delivering solutions that consistently exceed our customer’s needs and technology requirements. To offer quality hosting services we rely on partnerships with premier hosting providers. We work with award-winning IT infrastructure service provider partners to deliver Tier 1 internet connectivity and world-class security, reliability and availability.

What you need to use FACS Solutions:

  • An internet connection
  • A Web browser

What we provide:

  • Secure, safe and reliable third-party hosting of your data
  • High performance server infrastructure for lightning fast response
  • 24/7 system monitoring and management

The benefits to you:

  • No up-front, high cost capital expenditure
  • Greatly reduced ongoing system administration costs
  • Immediate access to the latest software patches and upgrades

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