Customer Testimonials

The FACS system permits our project team to eliminate a good deal of paperwork and work more efficiently. With the wireless capabilities of the FACS system, communication between the field and the office happens in real-time ensuring everyone is updated on the latest issues and changes as they happen.”

Manuel Silva, New York State Dept of Transportation

FACS is an extremely useful tool when reviewing item quantities for Final Payment. We saved countless man-hours by using FACS over our old methods as it is an easier, quicker and a more accurate process using FACS.-

Bill Schoeffel, P.E., HAKS Engineering

The I-15 NOW interstate design-build project would not have been as successful without the web base tools of FACS; this program kept the multiple companies informed and together throughout the design/build process, a great tool of communication at any location.-

Emilie Le La Cheur, Stanley Consultants

I am particularly happy with FACS customer service. They are very responsive to any questions or concerns I’ve had. When new features are released, FACS Representatives host an online webinar to explain the new features and allow users from all projects the opportunity to interact and exchange ideas.-

Stacy Green, Parsons Brinkerhoff

The overall experience with FACSWARE was a success on the I-15 NOW project. It featured elements that allowed the document control process to flow seamlessly on a large multi-million dollar highway project. WCC was fortunate enough to utilize this tool with the Owner and Independent Quality firm to quickly track and approve documents, submit plan sheets for review and comment, and track corresponding events that happened out in the field.-

Harley Paugh, Granite Construction Company