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Truly Mobile Construction Project Management Solutions

FACS provides complete construction project management solutions comprised of a combination of Web-based software, hardware and services to meet the unique needs of your projects – whether you are an owner, contractor or consulting engineer.

FACS Project Controller™ 3.0 FACS Project Controller is truly mobile construction project management software specifically designed to improve project delivery by enabling electronic field-to-office collaboration, communication and project management.

FACS Project Controller improves project efficiency, collaboration and accuracy:

  • Centralized, Web-based solution provides real-time project information anytime, anywhere.
  • Field personnel have instantaneous access to all plans, specifications and correspondence.
  • View, redline and collaborate on project documents including plans and drawings.
  • Fully integrated payment system calculates and tracks stored materials, retainage, change orders and more.
  • Dashboard reports identify potential schedule delays before they happen.
  • Ensure compliance with a fully searchable archive and audit trail from design through project closeout.

FACS Project Inspector™  FACS Project Inspector is a cloud-based software solution that has helped companies save countless hours of redundant data entry and unnecessary travel, providing field personnel with more time to focus on resolving issues and reducing the risk of project delays and rework.

With FACS Project Inspector field users can:

  • Collect and share inspection results, work progress, test results & more
  • Connect to access updated drawings, reference documents & correspondence in real-time
  • Collaborate and communicate issues and changes instantly

FACS Services FACS and our Partners provide a variety of services to help our clients get the most from FACS solutions, including:

  • Set-up & Implementation
  • Training
  • Integration
  • Consulting
  • Support

Download FACS Product Sheet


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